traitor sauce

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  1. jeremy

    Looks like a great cast of surly characters.
    The Destructor universe just got a LOT bigger.
    Love it. =)

    • seantcollins

      You’ll be seeing these troublemakers again.

  2. Chris "The Body" Ward

    YES YES YES YES YES! I have a real soft spot for the Crocs. Don’t beat them up too badly.

    • seantcollins

      When King Croc — the real King, not the quisling we saw in Croc-Town — is freed, the Crocs will more likely be giving the beatings than receiving them.

  3. zack soto

    Oh nice! Love the names and designs. Introducing a surplus of characters is such a fun way to broaden the scope of the general world. Most look like they come from slightly different genres, too!

    • seantcollins

      It is indeed a great big wide world they inhabit, and all sorts of people may be found.

  4. Chris A. Bolton

    Excellent rogue’s gallery! Or will they be the anti-heroes, rather than the rogues?

    • seantcollins

      “Heroes to some, rogues to others” feels like a fair description…

  5. Fear The Banjo
    Fear The Banjo


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