from the depths

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  1. Michael May


  2. Michael May

    I seem to have a recurring reaction to this part of the story.

  3. Sean T. Collins

    Hahaha! Michael, given your own expertise in the giant-monster field, I figured this page would catch your eye.

  4. subalomnitropicaloptical

    oh HECK yes… haven’t been to CBR in ages, just happened to go today and saw this right away! Can’t wait to dive in. Super excited to find a new awesome webcomic to read!!!!!

  5. Chris A. Bolton

    Love this!! I was instantly reminded of a Marvel STAR WARS comic I read in the early ’80s, set on some kind of ocean planet where Luke is staring at two battling sea serpents with humanoid riders. I couldn’t tell you the issue number or much else, but this page brought back that thrill.

    • Sean T. Collins

      I’m not familiar with that comic, Chris, but this page brought back early-’80s thrills for me, too. 🙂 Thank you for your kind words!

  6. Dan P
    Dan P

    Just found you via Smash Comics facebook feed, I like what I see, reminds me a little of Rice Boy…

    • Sean T. Collins

      Thanks, Dan! I hope you like what comes next as well…

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