I’m very please to tell you that on the Robot 6 blog, interviewer Tim O’Shea has interviewed me about Destructor. It’s the most in-depth account so far of the behind-the-scenes history of our chronicle. If you’ve appreciated what we’re doing here, I think you’ll find reading the interview rewarding. For example, here’s a passage about a recent Destructor-related discovery:

O’Shea: Is there a finite end to Destructor, or would you like to go on indefinitely with it?

Collins: I know how his story ends, I’ll put it that way. But that’s actually a very recent development — until recently I’d only known where I’d stop telling his story, not where his actual story stopped, if you follow me. That only revealed itself to me in December, believe it or not. That said, I’ve been coming up with adventures for Destructor for over two decades now, and could recount them all in comics form for at least as long. And I certainly hope to, Matt’s patience pending.