By now you’ve seen it, but we are quite pleased to unveil the first page of “Destructor and the Lady.” Unlike “Destructor Comes to Croc-Town” and “Prison Break,” which had previously been published in black and white before being recolored for this site, “Destructor and the Lady” is a brand-new, never-before-seen comic, which has never seen the light of day in any form anywhere else.

Please note that our rate of production will slow a bit in order to accommodate the additional effort necessary to bring this information to you, shifting our posting schedule from twice a week to just once a week, on Mondays. But our hope is that the material we do release will be sufficient to stimulate and captivate you for a full seven days.

Meanwhile, remember that you can read all of our comics, with each story contained in its entirety on its own continuously scrolling page, by visiting the Archive, or by clicking the aforelinked titles.

Thank you once again for your time and interest. See you on the ice!