Good morning, everyone–while I’m working to get the next page up, I thought I’d show you a little bit more of the sausage factory. Here’s the pencils for page two of “Destructor and the Lady:”…I generally build Destructor pages around three-tier racks of panels, because I find that structure is helpful for breaking down Sean’s script into a sequence of actions and shifts-in-perspective, which I think is key to making a Destructor story work. The dialogue is spare, and the characters are mostly either masked or nonhuman, so I have to be able to make it clear visually what a characters sees, knows, and is doing from moment to moment.

This bottom row, for example, I’d originally planned as two panels. After I got the first panel pencilled, though, I decided that I needed an additional “beat” where we see Destructor’s pursuers cresting the mountain, as a catalyst for him grabbing the shield on the following page. I cropped the panel at left down to size (and really lucked out that I didn’t lose any vital info in the crop and therefore didn’t have to re-pencil that panel at all *(EDIT: Actually, I guess I slid that rock on the left over a bit so it would still bracket the left side of the panel, but still: not too much extra labor)), and added the third panel.

After pencilling, I scan my pages in and “ink” them on a Wacom Cintiq monitor/tablet. I’d been doing most of my pre-Cintiq inking with Pigma Microns or Staedtlers, both of which produce pretty dead lines, so my inking comes out pretty much the same on the Cintiq as it would on paper. If I’d been using nibs or brushes, both of which have more “action” in them and are more dependent on tactile feedback, then Cintiq inking might have needed more adjustment on my part, but I wasn’t so, uh, it didn’t.

Anyway, I’ll usually color-shift the pencils and “ink” on a separate layer above them, and it looks like this:

Next time on the factory tour: more coloring stuff.