What’s the collaboration like in terms of character and environment design? I’m thinking specifically about Island Prison and The Lady. Are there design sketches done by Matt (that he could post)?

Matt: Thanks for asking! Sean has pretty detailed environment and character notes in his script, and I generally do some sketching to figure out how things are going to look and (especially) how they’ll be staged, which I’ll send along to him if I have questions and want to make sure of something.

I’ve got some stuff sitting around from Lady which I’ll put up in a later post; Not sure about Prison, since I drew that a while back, but I’ll put those up too if I can find the sketchbook(s) I was working in at the time.

Sean: Matt’s right that I tend to have a clear idea of what people and places should look like — people in particular, since in many cases I’ve been drawing them myself since I was a child. When characters appear for the first time, Matt tends to send me his drawings up front just to make sure everything’s kosher. I rarely need to suggest any changes, but I do occasionally. My favorite was asking him to make General Grunt look less like a warthog and more like a bulldog, because there’s already a warthog-based character we’ll meet later on down the line. On a less ridiculous note, we had a fairly productive back and forth on the final look of the Lady recently.