I really enjoy just getting the “bits and pieces” type glimpses into Destructor’s powers – the mystery empowers the awesomeness of each new reveal… so without spilling any beans.. can you perhaps compare the totality of Destructor’s power level and hidden abilities with other sci-fi/fantasy/comic robot/armor-esque guys we’re familiar with? Like… is he on a Darth Vader-type level? Optimus-Prime? Galactus? etc… or would he just kick all those guys’ arses?

This is a fun question, so please allow me to be serious about it instead. I’ve been following Marvel editor Tom Brevoort’s Formspring account for a long time now, and partisans of various characters frequently ask him questions of this sort. Could Thor beat the Hulk beat the Sentry beat Superman beat Jean Grey beat Galactus beat Odin beat the Silver Surfer beat whoever? Oftentimes the questioners will cite seemingly contradictory cases: “Character X beat Character Y, and Character Y beat Character Z, but Character Z beat Character X? Isn’t that inconsistent?” Brevoort’s reply tends to be something to the effect of varying circumstances yielding varying results. Fans, he’s said, approach these conflicts as though the stats and the W-L record do all the fighting themselves, but if that were how it really would work, there’d be no need to have the fight — you’d just “know” who’d win. But that’s ridiculous. If things worked that way, there’d be no need for professional sports teams to actually play one another — they could simply brandish their existing stats at each other, and then we’d know who’d win any given game. But of course it doesn’t work that way, and there are upset victories and bottom-ranked teams who beat the best in the league every now and then and so on.

So my answer to you is this: I don’t know who he’d beat. (Okay, probably not Galactus.) I don’t know who’d beat him. There are too many variables at play. I do know that he’s considered The Most Dangerous Man Alive, and he didn’t earn that sobriquet for being easy to defeat. Generally speaking, I think it would be unwise for most people to challenge him directly. (The Croc Champion learned that lesson the hard way.) That said, so far we’ve met at least three characters I know he’d be hesitant to take on mano a mano. That’s not to say he’d never do it, and it’s not to say he wouldn’t come out on top if he did, just that they’re powerful enough to give him pause.

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