Battle on Bonesbane Mountain

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  1. daNiEL tHiNG sTinER

    You were not kidding about that reward! Mutant orca & narwhal beasts?!? Bone-removal powers?!? The pursuer guys have a beaks?!? Destructor continues to top it’s own awesomeness!

  2. Juan Bauty


  3. Sean T. Collins

    Thank you, gentlemen.

  4. FrightenedByPenguins

    Something unsettles me about these guys. Can’t quite put my finger on it.
    Awesome page guys, keep up the good work. Excelsior!

    • seantcollins

      Ever since you first showed up here, I thought, “Oh boy, have I got a treat for this fellow.”

  5. Shawn Cheng

    Land whales FTW

  6. Chris A. Bolton

    WHOOOOOAAAA!!! Now, *this* is a page to feat on!

  7. fishduggery

    omg dat polar bear

    • Sean T. Collins

      With all the focus on the landwhales, I’m really glad someone finally noticed the Ursus longicollum.

    • schools online education

      That’s really thinking at a high level

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