Today a new Destructor story begins! I’ve been waiting to see Matt’s take on this tale for literally years now, but the opportunity to publish it direct to the web in full color, and the changes we’ve thereby been able to make to the presentation from our original idea as to how to depict this chapter in Destructor’s life, have me more excited about it now than ever. Fans of Matt’s coloring in particular have a great deal to look forward to.

Two brief items of note:

1) Our records — and these are admittedly incomplete; scholarship is ongoing — indicate that of the four stories we’ve now made available, this one takes place at the earliest point in Destructor’s life so far.

2) Longtime readers will have already noticed the revelation of an important detail regarding Destructor’s origin.

With that I leave you to “Destructor Meets the Cats” page one. Enjoy!