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  1. Mark P Hensel

    Man Matt is so good at drawing environments. These city scenes are killing it!

  2. Rev'd '76

    @ Mark:

    Ain’t he though? Been wowed by the simple, dimensional efficiency of his linework ever since I first encountered him in Always Comix (#5: the Evil issue).

  3. seantcollins

    I’ve got you beat: I’VE been wowed by him since I saw him in the Yale Herald!

  4. daniel thing stiner

    man this is such a beautiiful page!! bravo gentlemen!

  5. FrightenedByPenguins

    Wow. The colours on this adventure have been stepped up a notch. Looking wonderful guys.

    Can’t wait to see how it plays out.

  6. Zach Oat

    THE COLORS! I want to live in them.

  7. Zach Oat

    Wait a minute, so not only is he an Earth Man, but he’s on a world where a robot Jackie O can advertise a martini bar? Has her legend gone interplanetary, or is this… GASP?!

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