You Will Likely Find Death

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  1. rjxp

    Love this comic so much! Keep up the awesome work. I check it all the time.

  2. Sean T. Collins

    Glad to hear it!

  3. Chris

    There are different people wearing the Destructor armor over the years, right? Look at the Destructor in Croc Town and this one…one is shorter, one is tall and skinny. Am I on to something, or is it just a natural evolution of the artwork?

    Please publish this soon in book form so I can stare at the colors. I love you guys.

    • seantcollins

      Just an evolution of the artwork. That first strip was drawn…jeez, nine or ten years ago?

  4. DadaHyena

    VERY nice atmosphere and lay-outs! You are a perspective master.

  5. Dylan

    As much as I like the line art, I’m even more impressed by how great the coloring in this comic has gotten. Truly beautiful stuff.

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