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  1. Garrett

    Sean, I’ve been a longtime fan of Attentiondeficitdisorderly and looking forward to the new venture. Matt’s illustrations are very strong too! I can’t wait to see more of the Tall Bronze Duke, er, tried shoehorning a Bowie reference…sorry!

    • seantcollins

      Garrett, thank you for the kind words! And thank you for “The Tall Bronze Duke.” Not two minutes ago I was wracking my brain for some of the sobriquets commonly applied to the man and drawing a blank. Your Destructor scholarship is second to none!

  2. Joey Manley

    Hey Sean and Matt! I like this very much! Is there any chance you guys would consider releasing chapters as .cbz files, or maybe as a paid e-book? Your call, of course, but I find that for “graphic story” type comics, the webcomic format is too chunky and distracting (as opposed to, for example, humor strips, where the wait between pageloads, and the enormous amount of ancillary material that shows up on a page when it does load, are not as detrimental to the experience). If that makes any sense. If not, that’s cool, I’ll continue to read in webcomic form. It is, like I said, your call. Just wanted to put the bug in your ear!

    • seantcollins

      Hi Joey–Thanks for your thoughts! In all honesty, I don’t suppose we’ve given much thought to these things above and beyond simply getting the site up and getting the material out. I speak only for myself here, but I think once we’ve cycled through the re-colored material and begin putting up all-new pages, I at least will feel more comfortable thinking more ambitiously in terms of multiple formats and platforms, advertising, and so forth.

      I do want to point out that you can read each story all on one continuously scrolling page, without clicking back and forth between pages, via the Archives. For example, here is “Destructor Comes to Croc-Town.” That might make for an easier reading experience for you in the interim. Thanks again!

      • Joey Manley

        I didn’t realize the archive pages worked that way. Shades of the old Modern Tales system! I like it.

        • seantcollins

          There’s probably a better way for us to get that message across than simply mentioning on the blog portion of the site every so often. I know I have friends who ONLY read the strip that way. You have given us food for thought, as befits your webcomics pioneer status. Thank you!

  3. Hannah Elisabeth

    I love your artwork. And the gator soldiers made me practically squeal aloud at the adorable epicness.
    I am so going to enjoy this. *Prepares to read in single sitting*

    • Sean T. Collins

      Thank you, Hannah! I hope you enjoyed your single-sitting reading.

  4. Fear The Banjo
    Fear The Banjo


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