By now you have seen page two of “Destructor Comes to Croc-Town.” We await your thoughts on today’s developments.

Now that our second installment is up, it is my pleasure to direct you to our two navigation options for this story, and for all our Destructor stories in the future. Clicking “Current Story” at the top or bottom of a given image will take you to the first page of whatever story is currently being serialized on the site; there, you can read the comic one page at a time. A visit to the Archive, where stories will be permanently stored, enables you to select and read each individual story by scrolling through a continuous vertical layout, as is demonstrated on the Archive page for “Destructor Comes to Croc-Town.” Both options afford their own unique pleasures.

Meanwhile, our thanks go out to JK Parkin at Robot 6, Comics Alliance’s Caleb Goellner, Jason Adams, Matthew J. Brady, Xaviar Xerexes, and Family Style’s François Vigneult (who was instrumental in releasing our earliest documents of Destructor to the world) for directing their readers to this site. We welcome said readers with open arms and cautious hearts.