With that, we bid farewell to the catpeople of Spectacle City and Destructor’s current adventures therewith. The reasons for their arrangement must unfortunately remain opaque…for now.

Coming up next: our biggest Destructor story to date. We look forward to seeing you there.

In the meantime, we wish to direct your attention to the dynamic portrait of Destructor by artist Jared Morgan above, and to this lovely and complimentary review of this series by Ian K of Not in China Anymore:

Destructor is an enigma, constantly teasing us to figure out his motivations. It seems like he has an agenda, but we have only hints as to what it is. He has no compunction against killing, but he is not without honor. In Samurai Jack, the fun is in watching the hero stop villains. In Destructor, the fun is in figuring out which one is which.

We thank both of these gentlemen for their interest and enthusiasm.