First, we extend our heartfelt thanks to Tom Mason of Comix 411 for directing his readers not only to our site, but to Curt Purcell’s largely Destructor-centric interview with me as well. We hope that those who followed those links found illumination.

Second, by now you have read today’s page from “Destructor Comes to Croc-Town.” I think it’s safe to say that the level of insight into Croc culture during the final Allied regime provided here by the illustrative talents of my colleague Matt Wiegle is unprecedented. However, reader Isaac Cates expresses concern that a “smooch” of the sort bestowed by the Croc captain upon the portrait of his beloved is a physiological impossibility. Fortunately Mr. Wiegle was on hand in that same comment thread to explain both the display of affection to which this page bears witness and the unique challenges of translation presented by the events of this story. Again, we hope this information will be of interest to curious readers.